Music and Me!

My name is Floyd! Here's a few things you should know:

Huge music fan, and no, I can't make it myself.
This site is basically for links, music recommendations, and other such stuff
the next page contains games and movie stuff!

Quick Links for Storage

Richard Wright of Pink Floyd's audio equipment.

Allan Holdsworth of U.K's strange style of understanding scales.

ELP in HamburgStarts at 0:06:58.00

Musicians / Bands

This is merely what I am listening to ATM, not a suggestion.
(unless you want it to be, then by all means go ahead)

No. 1 Interpol Fan

Yes, that's totally me.
I'm a basic bitch who loves Turn On The Bright Lights,
especially the songs Roland, PDA, Say Hello to the Angels and Obstacles 1 and 2, Our Love to Admire has the Heinrich Maneuver and Rest my Chemistry,
while Antics has Evil, Slow Hands and C'mere.

I don't like much of their later work unfortunately but that opinion might change!

Water From Your Eyes

I heard them live with Interpol headlining, they incorporated DnB into their backing track which really made it special.
I love True Life, one track I remember fondly from the live performance, fucking amazing,
same with Barley, another amazing one I love!

I can't hide it anymore, yes, I am a Nu-Metal fan

Deftones, System of a Down, Queens of the Stone Age, Korn, ect,
I enjoy Deftones more then anything here, but System of a Down is my second favourite,
I used to be a bigger Korn fan when I was younger but I moved on to better things.

Miscellaneous stuff :D

Not from one artist alone!

  • Das Model from Kraftwerk!
  • Hikashu (Japenese band!) made this post-rocky cover of Das Model!
  • Igor by Tyler, the Creator, really good album!

  • I'll add more when I'm not being lazy

    Albums to Check Out

    Progressive Rock Albums


    Psychedelic Rock Albums


    Anatolian Rock Albums

    can you tell I like rock yet?


    Post-Punk Albums


    Indie / Midwest Emo Albums

    you'll just have to figure out which one is indie and which is midwest emo

    i'll add more albums or genres when im bothered me thinks

    So Floyd, what are you doing now?

    click on the gif!

    I also found this amazing mashup of Duvet and Dua Lipa!

    There's also a re-animated version?!